Dorian Grey, sushi and a scribble

I remember it was sometime around late 90’s. 1997 maybe.
Soho. Close to Tottenham Court Road.
I had already started University.

yo sushi converyor

My favorite quality time “me myself and I” program was always a good movie in Leiscester Square with humomgous popcorn, a trip to Tower Records and HMV to end in grand style in long waiting line at Yo Sushi. The newest trend opened in London. Sushi served on a conveyor belt. Revolutionary to say the least at the time. Sushi lover as I’m I was pretty much in heaven!
Best memory yet was one evening, after seating down, pouring a glass of my Asahi and getting to enjoy my shopping back with books, Cd’s and DVD’s when I hear a very familiar voice seating right next to me. With total nonchalance I seat straight and pretend to flick through my “The picture of Dorian Grey” Penguin Edition copy but I was indeed with my ears glued at the conversation taking place by my side.
It was a lady and a gentleman chatting away.
I turned around to “ask the waiter for more soy sauce” and I saw her.
With my book in one hand I gently placed my other hand inside my bag and grabbed a pen. Black.

“Godd evening Ms. Lenox I’m a big fan! Can I ask for a quick scribble?” opening my book close to her.
She turned to see the cover, “Sure”, signed something like

“Best Annie Lenox

handing it back saying “Enjoy your sushi and your book. Good one by the way.”

When I read the Prompt this afternoon first thing that came to my mind was this memorable event. Unfortunately the book I lent to someone that never gave it back to me. I know silly me, never lend your books! Learned the lesson. But such memory is well archived in my heart.

Daily Prompt: Conveyor


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